About the Double Dippers

We’re the Double Dippers.  Twin sisters and Minnesota natives livin’ up our twenties. We are aspiring young professionals and daydream about creating crazy flavor combinations, trying exotic foods, and writing about it. We’re inspired by our awesome family and friends, sunny days on the lake, and dance parties in the kitchen.

This is our outlet to share our love of food with you by cooking up trendy, mouthwatering bites, and adding a dash of humor and sarcasm along the way. You’ll find a balance of healthful and indulgent foods, and hopefully something that inspires you.

Our motto is “Happy double dipping!”. Because two is always better than one.

About E: I love avocados, berries, fish, coffee, dark chocolate and  I eat cherry tomoatoes like they’re candy. I love weekends at the cabin, yoga, traveling to new and exciting places, and dancing in the kitchen. I’m not a fan of plain black olives, but if you put them in a puree topping on bruschette I’ll devour them. I adore my family and friends, they have and continue to form me into the fun loving and driven young woman that I am.

About K: if you ask me what my favorite food is I won’t be able to tell you. I love all food, and couldn’t live without chocolate, fish tacos, red wine and all things green. I love lazy days on the lake, s’mores around the bon fire, traveling to new places, yoga and upbeat exercise classes (especially the ones that involve dancing). I can’t stand the texture of mushrooms, but sometimes cook with them anyway. I believe all food deserves a time to shine. I have the best family and friends and wouldn’t be the passionate young woman I am without them.


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  1. Hi..So fun to see pictures of you and read the blog..I remeber you as two nice small girls comming to my kitchen to get some cheese in the evening:) Come to Norway again, and you can cook for my guests, since I have a kind of B&B here now.. It will be great;)

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