We Are Thankful…

For 12 years in a row our extended family has shared Thanksgiving at our cabin, Loon Lodge. Our family has grown in numbers and size to the point where we have been forced to “borrow” our next-door neighbors’ cabin in order to provide more beds and space. But no one has outgrown the uncles’ sarcasm and humor, the constant noise of 25 people in one house that causes everyone to yell to be heard, or the smell of juicy turkey and sweet apple pie that only come with this day. We have so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for…

…our family. This year we all wrote down one thing we are thankful for and hung it on the birch tree in the living room. It turned into our “thankful tree.”

…crazy family shenanigans which are likely to turn into long standing traditions. This year our uncle brought a piñata. It was a “hit.”

…hobo bonfires. Our family keeps it classy.


…turkey with all the fixings. The balsamic glazed brussles sprouts and cinnamon roasted sweet potato cubes were our contribution. Our favorite side was Grandma Patty’s stuffing…so buttery, fluffy, and comforting.

…still being designated to the “kids’ table.” Although this year we upgraded the title to “young adults’ table.”

…pumpkin pie with homemade crust of course. Grandma went all out and added some Thanksgiving flare to her pies…a cut-out Turkey and maple leaf made from pie crust.

…Aunt Heidi’s famous apple pie. We wait ALL YEAR for this pie! The flaky, buttery crust is really indescribable. The gooey, soft apples loaded with cinnamon and sugar are the perfect end to the Thanksgiving meal.

…reveling in the excitement of the first snow of the season, and watching our youngest cousin eat it up…literally.

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy double dipping!




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