Property Sisters



The Double Dippers have a new name…The Property Sisters. We bought a house! And since we’re twin sisters who are now in the business of buying  homes and renovating them, this was the only logical nickname (we’re referencing “Property Brothers” here, just to connect the dots for those of you who weren’t following the nickname. Check them out on HGTV).

This new alias has kept us pretty busy these last few weeks and so our time in the kitchen has been less frequent. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Put our big girl pants on and bought a house. It’s a 1954 rambler with a blue door and great backyard for all our double dipper entertaining in the summer!
  •  Used our muscles (aka our Dad) and tore up the carpet in the master bedroom, sanded the hardwood floor (don’t attempt without manly supervision. The sanding machine is an animal!), and finished it with a poly coat (actually 5 coats. Finishing hard wood floors is a process!).
  • Had foam insulation blown into the attic and basement walls (good-bye ice dams!)
  • Hunted for furniture that would create the “modern contemporary” look we want. Our inspiration for this style came from the marine blue chair we purchased for a bargain at a local consignment shop. We also bought the black couch above, which is going to look great in the living room (third picture above).
  • Painted every room in the house (we had some help from Bob the painter and his crew). More pictures to come. But as a preview, our favorite wall is the blue accent wall in the dining space. So sassy and sophisticated.  
  • Installed new cabinets in the kitchen, put in crown molding, installed a vented microwave above the stove, and put in a new light fixture above the sink (we had some help from Bob the carpenter, not to be confused with Bob the painter). The kitchen is ready for double dipping.

We have yet to decide what the inaugural dish will be. We’re taking suggestions, so if you have a dish/treat/food you’d like to see, leave a comment and it might just be the first recipe the Property Sisters double dip in.

Happy double dipping!


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