Magical “Ice Cream” Sundaes: Coconut Cinnamon Dulce, Fresh Strawberry, Dark Chocolate

 Magical One Ingredient Ice Cream

Sundays were made for ice cream.

Driving home from the cabin on Sunday evenings it was always an unspoken rule that we would stop at the Albany Dairy Queen for a sweet treat. Each time the order was the same; a small hot fudge sundae for Mom, a buster bar for Dad that he would inevitably spill on his shirt each time, an oreo blizzard for E, and a cookie dough blizzard for K. As we approached the exit we would anxiously eye each other, wondering will we stop this time? Anticipation was part of the ice cream experience. Even the weekend our refrigerator died and our neighbor called us in the car to tell us that he was in our kitchen cleaning up rotting meat and water that had seeped all over the floor, we still stopped at DQ. We’re not terrible neighbors, it’s just that rituals cannot be changed.

Magical One Ingredient Ice Cream

Sunday ice cream is still our ritual, but with a new flare. We have a secret to share. This ice cream is not ice cream. It’s frozen bananas blended into the consistency of that familiar irresistibly creamy soft serve. We chopped two ripe bananas and froze them on a plate for a few hours. Then we brought out the VitaMix, added the frozen bananas with some goodies, and WHA-BAM! Ice cream.

We made three varieties. An ice cream sundae platter if you will.

The first is coconut-cinnamon dulce (banana, coconut milk, and cinnamon). A fiesta for your taste buds.

For our second creation we added a bright spark, strawberries. A perfectly satisfying classic.

And last, a decadent dark chocolate. Because dessert really isn’t complete without chocolate. This one is bowl lickin’ delicious.

It’s Sundae Sunday. Don’t ditch tradition. Blend your nanners, mix in whatever goodies your heart desires, and grab a spoon.

Happy double dipping!

Magical One Ingredient Ice Cream

Recipe –  Adapted from The Kitchn. Find it here.


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