Property Sisters Update: Spring at the Blue Door


We’ve been eyeing our flowers and trees for the past weeks, waiting for the little green buds to show some sign of blooming. May 1st came and now the colors are popping! It’s spring at the Blue Door and we property sisters are excited!

Last fall we planted tulips that our Dad brought back with him from, Amsterdam which FYI is the land of bright, beautiful tulips. And wow! The colors are vibrant! Yellow, pink, red. Dreamy.

Spring Flowers

We took a trip to Man Heaven this weekend (i.e we went to the Home Depot) and wandered through the green house. We bought hot red geraniums and surrounded them with yellow and green accents.


We bought this cool window sill pot and planted indigo and lavender flowers, and placed it next to the old drift wood log in our garden bed.  


 And of course we double dippers could not leave without something to be used in the kitchen! We planted flat leaf Italian parsley, sweet basil and Thai basil, butter leaf and red leaf lettuce. We can’t wait to fire up the grill and throw on our peanut butter chicken skewers and top them with the Thai basil.


And the lilacs are blooming in our front yard next to our favorite birch tree. We can’t get enough of the deep purple hues!


Happy planting from the Property Sisters!


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